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Parcel Center Incorporated

Car buying is a love it or hate it process. In the end, it is awfully nice to have a newer set of wheels. To some, it is a very stressful task, to us, it is not. That is exactly where we come in. CARFINDERS was developed to provide consumers a more convenient and a less stressful way to purchase another vehicle. Tell us what you are looking for, give us the make, model, color preference, equipment options, and we will do the research, walk the lots, talk to the salespeople, and work out the deal... all while you go through your daily routine. CARFINDERS

At CARFINDERS, our only goal is customer satisfaction in handling your purchase from start to finish. We do this by listening to our clients, and since we are not selling you a vehicle, we can provide you an unbiased assistance in the purchase of a new or pre-owned one. Our speciality is locating pristine preowned vehicles, usually three years old and newer. The research we conduct locates vehicles with low mileage, clean history and with warranty. The savings on these vehicles can be up to 50% over the cost of new ones. If it is a new vehicle that you would want us to locate, not a problem. Again, you tell us what you want, we will find it, and work the best deal possible.

Does that sound like the way you want to purchase your next vehicle? To buy another vehicle and not be pressured or hassled with the process at the dealer site? Now that certainly is different! You will need to visit the dealer location when our work is complete, and simply decide, that's it! You either approve and sign off on your purchase or we continue to search.

There has never been a better time to buy a vehicle. If you are in the market to update what you are driving, and do not have the time to shop or simply hate the process of going through the dealer sales routine, remember, we love it! Now, that truly is car shopping made easy!  We invite you to contact us and find out what we can do for you. We believe that we can turn this difficult process into a pleasant one. And remember, it does not have to be "New", to be "New To You".